rb5 Personal Training Karen Powell
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

The best gym I've ever been to! I have joined many many gyms, gone for a week or 2 and ended up avoiding even driving past them. Not this one! It's early days (1 month) but I absolutely love it here! It feels very personal and I feel the trainers are invested in my progress! Ricky and his team are brilliant! They are helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging.  After only one month I feel fitter and stronger.  I'm looking forward to how I'm going to be feeling in the coming months! 

Karen Powell

rb5 Personal Training Debbie Christensen
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

This is not your typical gym .... there are no electrical equipment YOU have to do all the work. I have joined many gyms in the past and failed because I didn't feel I knew what I was doing and as such wasn't getting any results. This is not a cheap option by any stretch of the imagination especially if two people from the same household attends ....as there are no couples discount. Having said that, the way I look at it is that we will happily spend £80-100 going out eating or drinking whilst feeling rough the next day .... but we feel guilty spending that on something like the gym which improves everything about us including our mental health and general well-being. This gym feels like a personal inviting space that makes everyone feel like part of something bigger. I have met people I wouldn't otherwise meet. They also arrange days and weekends away where they incorporate activities, fun and social events. 
There is certainly room for improvement and they seem open to thoughts and feedback. It feels like a lot of money to spend if you are not comitted but they hold you accountable and make you come in through positive encouragement. I love going to the gym now and it has improved how I feel about myself and how I manage all my work stress. This work well for me but ultimately you have to make it work for you!!!

Debbie Christensen

rb5 Personal Training Colin Stripe
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I've been with RB5 for 3 months now and it's the best thing I've done. I've been going to gyms for years but not really getting anywhere. Since being here I've seen progress like never before. They make you feel so welcome and I would recommend them to everyone.

Colin Stripe

rb5 Personal Training Di Trinder
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I have been going to rb5 since October and what a fantastic decision it has been! I feel stronger and fitter already. The team are fantastic, everyone is so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.

Di Trinder

rb5 Personal Training Kate C.
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I have been coming to RB5 for around 6 weeks now.

As someone who already trained regularly I was looking to switch my training up and get stronger and ultimately faster ...(I am a swimmer)

What the guys at RB5 have done has shown me just how much fun gym work can be... the trainers and members are all brilliant... encouraging and motivating!

After just 6 weeks at RB5... and a lifetime of racing in the pool, I have just pulled a PB out so it's safe to say that they're doing something right!

Kate C.

rb5 Personal Training Alexandra Martins
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I joined just over a month and I can tell already how good this is being to me. I was a person that does not like to go to the gym and with lost motivation to workout. But now I enjoy the classes and even I have got them on my diary so I won’t miss one! I highly recommend rb5!

Alexandra Martins

rb5 Personal Training Anastasios Pagiaslis
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I could write tons about RB5 as a space to train and as a private training studio. All I can say here is that the trainers there changed my life.

Anastasios Pagiaslis

rb5 Personal Training Rajvinder Kaur
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I joined RB5 4 months ago and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I have previously joined alternative gyms nationwide where I have just felt like a number but at RB5 the staff make you feel important.The staff are friendly and welcoming and always have time for you. Every time I attend, I feel valued as a member and every trainer goes out of their way to ensure that you utilise the time you have at the gym by providing high quality workouts. My body shape has changed for the better as I feel toned and more energetic which has had a positive impact to my lifestyle, mind and body. I always feel positive after attending the gym and wish that I had joined sooner. Training is professional and of a high standard and I feel that I am part of a great team - the staff and members are brilliant! I would highly recommend RB5.

Rajvinder Kaur

rb5 Personal Training Kirsty Hilton
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I’ve been at rb5 for 18 months now and it’s the first time somewhere has made me feel that strong and empowered that I’m confident enough to write up my own workouts & train consistently 5 times a week, often on my own.
The trainers are second to none, their support and guidance is worth more than they would ever know and I’ve learnt so much from them. You’re not just another client, everything is specific to you and they mentor you beyond just the session you pay for.
The whole gym is so welcoming, I’ve made a ridiculous amount of friends, everyone supports each other and when you go in, it’s always fun, full of banter and chat and laughs.
I couldn’t understand why in the past, my friend came here and didn’t come back to the chain gym I was at (that she’d left). Now I’ve joined rb5, I said to her that I totally get it and wouldn’t consider going elsewhere now I have everything I need here.

Kirsty Hilton

rb5 Personal Training Nassima Choudhury
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I joined this gym after having my second baby (and second section �) and don't regret it for a second! I just wish I knew about this place sooner! Ricky is an amazing trainer and treats me with so much kindness and respect, I feel part of the family and have no intention of leaving this gym! If you want to feel more confident, stronger, fitter and have more control over your nutrition then join rb5!

Nassima Choudhury

rb5 Personal Training Eun Kim
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

2017 was a huge struggle for me. I got an ankle injury in February, and ever since that happened, my physical activity level decreased a lot. Of course, I've gained weight, and I've been getting ill too often and easily, including rhinitis which started in summer. Yes, I've tried normal gyms first, trying to do it by myself, but I kept failing and ended up spraining my ankle again and again.

That's why I decided to get some professional help and chose RB5 where personal training is more focused, not like other gyms. I went for 12 weeks challenge after some consultation from Ricky. I had 2 PT sessions per week. It is a hard work but every trainer really helped me to get through and push harder. Every one-hour session has never been boring, it always goes so quickly, because trainers always make a different routine for each different targets.

My challenge finished this week and I can say that I got a very positive result, including no more frequent small illnesses including rhinitis and more stable ankle and -10cm waist size! (I was never on a strict diet. All I did was trying to eat healthily, less take away and eating more protein) Now I feel a lot stronger and happy with not only the result but also my journey here. Thank you so so much every RB5 trainers!

Eun Kim

rb5 Personal Training Euge Broadley
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I joined RB5 a couple of months ago and it was the best decision ever! My physio recommended me this place -he is also one of the trainers here- and I cannot believe how much time I wasted in other gyms. 
RB5 brings a great atmosphere where you can train really, really hard, push yourself and achieve new challenges with a team of experts that will support you all the way through no matter what your goals or fitness levels are. 
The studio is set in an old factory which gives that industrial look but also a warm environment, great equipment and a good location. 
All the instructors are brilliant! They are very professional, focused on YOU and your goals, they do follow ups on regular basis to help not only with training but also with healthy tips for a better lifestyle and nutrition. 
Ricky, the owner, is an amazing guy who will make you feel part of RB5 family straightaway
RB5 is the perfect place to train hard but also have a lot of fun in a very friendly atmosphere. I really, really recommend you RB5!

Euge Broadley

rb5 Personal Training Nadia Long
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I joined RB5 at the end of September so have been a member for only a couple of months and it was the best decision I have made in a long time! I cannot recommend this place enough; the training is top quality, the classes are great fun, the members and trainer's are amazing people and I am inspired every session I take part in. This is time for me to focus on myself and no-one else, and having the trainers there for guidance and support is great.
I chose a membership that includes 1 personal training session a week but to be honest the way the gym works even when I'm doing a class it feels like having a PT session because the classes are small so you don't feel lost in a sea of people. Even after a relatively short amount of time I feel I have a good rapport with all the trainers and feel very comfortable with them. They seem to know exactly when I need pushing and I have surprised myself on numerous occasions. I've been using gyms for over 15 years but always felt out of place and intimidated ... not here. The guys here genuinely take an interest in what you want our of your gym experience and I love that it isn't about scales and numbers but about setting goals regardless of numbers. 
I highly recommend taking up any offers for this gym, I wish I'd done it sooner!

Nadia Long

rb5 Personal Training Carolyn McCullough
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Best place to get body and mind in shape

Carolyn McCullough

rb5 Personal Training Kelly Alvey
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Love love love this gym. I was really struggling with motivation at corporate gyms and forgot how much I loved fitness until.............. I joined RB5! I had my induction with Ricky, I had known him since school so felt comfortable going to the gym for the first time, don't panic if your feeling a little nervous, EVERYONE from trainers to fellow members are super friendly 😀 and really supportive of each other. My main goal was strength and general all over fitness, this would always be a challenge when you have the coordination of bambi on ice, not for the RB5  trainers, the skills and knowledge of this team are second to none  and they quickly got my body moving, 'the way it should'. The PT element and attention to detail when exercising really helped my conditioning and I learnt more in 1 month than a lifetime in other gyms. The group exercises are great, full of giggles and provide the much needed 'you are not alone' in your fitness journey element.

Kelly Alvey

rb5 Personal Training Steph Gubas
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

RB5 is amazing! In the past I have always preferred team sports and never felt motivated to go to the gym. I also had no clue about weights. However RB5 have been awesome, doing so many different sessions with me which means I am no longer scared of picking up a dumbbell and I genuinely look forward to the next session whether that be a PT or class. I am still a relative newbie but I have already started seeing results and they always push you and tailor sessions so that you can achieve your goals! :)

Steph Gubas

rb5 Personal Training Alison Wilde
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Small (but well equipped) personal training gym with excellent staff to support and motivate you. Learnt more about technique in last four weeks than for last few years at a large 'corporate' gym! Personalised training plans for your goals, with progress regularly reviewed against targets. Fellow members are friendly and supportive too. Four weeks in and so far so good!

Alison Wilde

rb5 Personal Training Jessica Sayer
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I couldn't recommend rb5 enough, all the trainers are so amazing. I now love and enjoy going to the gym... it's turned my life around as it's so much more than just a gym, I have more structure, enthusiasm and confidence in life and all my past anxietys have disappeared! Not to mention the other lovely members that I look forward to seeing every week when I go!

Jessica Sayer

rb5 Personal Training Alec Taylor
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Best gym I've ever been too. All the P.T's there are great and the other members are really friendly too. Everything you need for racking up your squats, nailing your deadlifts and even a bucket for the watt bike sprint's.

Alec Taylor

rb5 Personal Training Kate Davies - 39, Area Manager
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

It’s the confidence that being fitter and stronger, as well as having clear goals that has helped me feel much less stressed and anxious than I had been previously. I had been suffering from stress headaches and nerve pain, which had really undermined how I felt about myself physically. Training with Ricky has helped with these issues enormously, and he understood how I was feeling emotionally. His support and advice in getting me to where I am now has been invaluable and I am really grateful to him.

Kate Davies - 39, Area Manager

rb5 Personal Training Stephanie Niehaus - 33, Full Time Mummy
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I came to Ricky after the birth of my daughter because I was not getting the results I wanted with my training. Ricky was extremely knowledgable about exercise post pregnancy and we immediately developed a training plan together and set some goals. I always felt like I was getting the most out of every session with Ricky and the results paid off! I was back to my pre pregnancy body in a few months. After getting pregnant with my 2nd child, Ricky and I carried on our training sessions. He was able to tailor each session to my ever changing body and I felt energized and fit throughout my pregnancy. I credit Ricky with my easy, comfortable birth as well, as was fit and ready. After a short break I resumed my training with Ricky and I struggled with feeling bad about my body and getting fit again. Ricky helped me overcome these doubts and together we worked on personal fitness goals. I feel that every session with Ricky helps me feel better about myself and that makes me a better person! Any female would benefit from his knowledge and training style, and I would highly recommend him.

Stephanie Niehaus - 33, Full Time Mummy

rb5 Personal Training Hannah - 29, Primary School Teacher
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

A building of such unique qualities makes a very exciting venue for the friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of rb5, but don’t be fooled…the trainer isn’t there to let anyone relax! The group and more personal sessions are professional, will push you to your limits, and to become your Berry best! I highly recommend you give it a go, you’ll regret missing out on the best you if you don’t! attend every week and have not only seen improvements in my level of fitness but have become leaner and have made some great friends along the way

Hannah - 29, Primary School Teacher

rb5 Personal Training Teresa Smith - 37, I.T Specialist
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Rb5 has an amazing atmosphere.The trainers provide guidnece ,support and incredible knowledge of training ,weightloss and dietry advice.Im still on my way to my final target but im loving every minute.

Teresa Smith - 37, I.T Specialist

rb5 Personal Training Carolyn Mcculough - 57
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

At the beginning of this year I was miserable. My weight had ballooned to its highest ever amount and my self-esteem had plummeted in the opposite direction. It got to the point where I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror in one piece, my skin was dry, tight and stressed; my face red and blotchy with rosacea running out of control. Having had both knees replaced and osteoarthritis creeping into all my other joints exercise seemed impossible – I just didn’t have the energy or the time. Then it struck me that if I didn’t ‘do something’ I was not likely to reach 60 and at 57 that meant life was too short.

So I did the usual and had a moan at work, fortunately for me I was told about Ricky Berry by one of his clients. Ricky was going to run a 21 day detox programme, why didn’t I go and see him. It took a great deal of encouragement by my colleague but I found myself making a life changing phone call one day at work and arranging to go and meet him. When I met Ricky I was instantly put at ease by his friendly and straightforward manner. Having explained all my issues and stumbling blocks to him he quite cheerfully explained that, actually, I could do it – I had already done the hardest part by walking through the door. He showed me the programme, which is simple and sensible and then suggested I try boxing. BOXING – me – little old fat grandma me!!! But who can resist that smile – so I said OK and that Thursday night enjoyed myself more than I have ever done in any exercise situation.

Ricky has a real talent for getting the best out of people. He encourages and motivates me to do more and more and I am feeling terrific. The weight is falling off and there are real muscles appearing instead of the flabby bits. I now go to the gym (RB5) twice a week, have lost 2 dress sizes so far and gained a lot of self-respect. I look forward to exercising now as I can really feel and see the benefits, which is not something I thought would ever happen, have achievable goals, a big smile on my face – and a happy husband! Thank you Ricky Berry.

Carolyn Mcculough - 57

rb5 Personal Training Kevin Smith - 52, Bank Business Manager
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

Rb5 is personal training, the best training around. Combines fitness with diet and a programme tailor made to your own personal goals. In just three months I have lost 2 stone and lots of inches, eating properly and drinking less(beer that is)

Kevin Smith - 52, Bank Business Manager

rb5 Personal Training Sammy Dawn - 21, Sales Assistant
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I’ve never had the motivation and determination to keep working out and attend a gym, until I started rb5 and haven’t looked back since. Great personal trainers with a personal approach to everyone :)

Sammy Dawn - 21, Sales Assistant

rb5 Personal Training Lucie Elliot - 36, Brand Manager - Boots
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

After a couple of years of illness, I was dreading the thought of stepping foot back in a gym . . .I had completely lost my confidence (and fitness!) but knew I had to make a change. From day 1, Alex at RB5 has such a genuine and knowledgable manner, listening to my fitness concerns and helping me map out some realistic goals for my 12 week fitness journey. Each session is different and he has a really clever way of sneakily making each session that bit harder to encourage me to really push myself and building my confidence more and more. Now, week 8 into my journey, I’ve lost 6lbs, 4% body fat and 4 inches from my waist & hips . . . .and I’m loving every minute of it! Thanks Alex, you’re a gem

Lucie Elliot - 36, Brand Manager - Boots

rb5 Personal Training John Hammerton - 35, Construction and Property
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

I’ve just completed my 4th week at RB5 and I couldn’t be more happy with my progress. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time from Ricky, Joe & Alex.

I can not only physically see the differences in my body shape, but also mentally feel more focused. I’ve recently gone through some bad times with the loss of my mother, with this in mind all the staff have set me goals in and out of the gym and also pushed me hard in the classes which helps me mind get away from the stuff I have going on in my social/family life.

I know I won’t be going anywhere else to train, and can’t speak highly enough of the team!!

John Hammerton - 35, Construction and Property

rb5 Personal Training Jonathan Lightbody - 42, Business Owner
Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

No fancy machines and no BS – just real results from these motivating guys.

I’m not keen on the journey to RB5 but love being there and being put through my bespoke programmes that are already yielding results 4 weeks into the 12 week programme.

If you want to make a difference to your body and build a more positive attitude but struggle with motivating yourself, invest in RB5’s 12 week programme – you’ll be so glad you did.

Jonathan Lightbody - 42, Business Owner

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