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  • Member Of The Month

    September Member Of The Month Liam Jones He started training with us mid August to increase muscle mass and gain weight. Since starting he has put on 1 stone, 4.5cm on his arms, 6cm around his chest and back and 2cm on his legs, whilst maintaining the same size waist! ....

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  • The Post Summer Reboot - Personal Training Tools

    Rebooting your fitness after a long , but awesome summer is always a depressing time . The kids go back to school The weekly BBQ with the 2,3,4 + Gins seem like a distant memory Alongside the sandy beaches. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now
    But…. Back to reality and operation fat loss is back on , But , getting back into a gym routine can be very difficult. Putting off that gym visit or the diet is just going to make the situation even worse come January, when the Christmas timber has piled on too. This video would be worth 10 minutes of your time on how to get back into the gym after a break. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now

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  • I’m exercising 5 x per week,but not seeing any results. - Personal Training Questions

    I’m exercising 5 x per week, but not seeing any results.
    Quality over quantity. I bet you knew I was going to say that . Let me go into a little more detail. The most common goal to why people have a gym membership is down to losing weight or losing body fat and to look better in and out of their clothes. The goto method to achieve this goal is to work yourself into the ground and sweat from places that you have never thought you could sweat from. This approach works fantastically in the beginning due to it being a new environment and a new training stimulus for your body. But..... Your body is a very clever thing and adapts VERY ....

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  • What Should I Eat After A Workout? - Personal Training Questions

    What Should I Eat After A Workout?
    Like all of my advice, GOOD QUALITY Nutrition not a chocolate bar or pizza. I call the hour after a workout “The Golden Hour” this is the optimum time that your body is craving protein and carbohydrates to refuel your muscles so that they can repair and recover stronger for the next workout. The easiest way would be a protein shake, but as we know easy is not always the best option. Where possible aim for a meal with X1-2 portions of protein X1 portion of carbs Half a plate of vegetables A portion is around the size of the palm of your hand. Now that sounds REALLLLLYYYY ....

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  • What should I eat before I work out? - Personal Training Questions

    what should I eat before work out?
    I want to approach this question from two angles early morning training (before 7 AM) and the after work trainer. If you don’t fit into these two categories, go for the after work training advice. Training before 7 AM
    My suggestion is down to personal preference, now if you want to train early morning what you have to understand is ,if you are wanting to have a really big breakfast you need to give your body chance to digest before exercise. The problem with this is, you have to be up extremely early to prepare breakfast which in my opinion I’d rather stay in bed. So my recommended tactic ....

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  • How To Avoid The Biscuit Tin?

    How to avoid the biscuits?
    One of the common questions we always get asked “I always crave sweet things biscuits crisps and chocolate , how can I stop it?” DOWNLOAD OUR 10 STEP GUIDE OF HOW TO AVOID THE CRAVINGS AND NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN
    Our response is always very simple and basic. Lack of Quality Nutrition
    It could be down to a lack of nutrition and your body is craving extra calories. The simplest way to avoid this would be to eat a sustainable diet with whole foods and three good quality meals a day. A good quality meal should contain good protein source, carbohydrate source and some form of fat. (Check out some recipes on ....

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  • What Should I Eat To Lose Weight? - Rb5 Personal Training Tools

    What Should I Eat To Lose Weight?
    Everything! Well within moderation, There are is no such thing as a “Super Food” that will directly result in you losing weight. There are a accumulation of factors to take into consideration. But, the main takeaway is ALL foods have a place in your diet, stay away from any diet that eliminates and food group. Each food group has a purpose – Download our Ebook on what food doe's and why you should not cut out fats and carbs from your diet. It ‘s more about calories. Now, I don’t want you to count everything that you eat and start calorie counting, but calories do matter, let me go to the extremes to make ....

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  • The Best Post Christmas Workout Plan - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Starting a new fitness plan in January ? The New Year new you Facebook posts are fast approaching, alongside over crowded gyms and the whole office starting a diet. But are you going to be like 80% of all New Year resolution-ers (is that a word?) and fail come February? Now I love the enthusiasm everybody has for improving their health and fitness in January , but I hate seeing the after effect of going from zero to hero. What I mean by this is, how can the average Joe go from the occasional workout and high calorie diet too, training more than an athlete trying to win Gold at the Olympic Games and restricting their calories like they were still on rations. ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - How to eat as much as you like at Christmas - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    How to eat as much as you like at Christmas - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Christmas is a wonderful time of year, yet too many adults worry too much about the after affects in January. Now you will be in one of the two camps Camp 1 – You don’t care and will eat what you want in December the instantly regret it January 1 st Or Camp 2 – You’re so worried about gaining weight , you don’t enjoy Christmas due to the fear of gaining weight. If you're in any of the above camps keep reading, Here's my tips on how you can eat as many mince pies and mint matchsticks as you want over Christmas. 1.Try intermittent fasting –
    Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tips
    Now for those that follow us , you will know that ....

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  • Is Your Goal Really Your Goal? -Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Is Your Goal Really Your Goal? - Personal Training Tools
    If you struggle with distractions then read our previous blog here Now back to this short and sweet rant …..I mean blog Take a minute and write down your goal Now write down the reason why this is your goal. This is a question we ask our clients all of the time , the general response is I want to lose weight or I want to feel fitter. Yet 6 weeks later excuses start to slip in and the focus fades away , Which brings me back to the title "Is your goal actually your goal?" In my opinion if it is, then you should not be making excuses or losing focus and yes I understand that life can get in the way. ....

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  • Distraction is why your not happy - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Is Your Goal Really Your Goal? - Personal Training Tools
    Distraction Distractions Distractions They are all around Social media Colleagues Boxsets The list goes on . Distractions can be a good thing at times distracting us from the boring parts of the day, However, when it comes down to health and fitness this can be disastrous. The health and fitness industry can be a very weird place, One minute the experts are telling you, you must lift really heavy weights, the next its all about hiit training and handstands. And normally you will just go along with whatever the trend is or whatever celebrity crush you have is doing (especially at Christmas time when ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - STOP Failing with your Goals ? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    STOP Failing with your Goals ? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    We don’t normally do negative but we do ‘deal in real’ and it is a simple truth that the overwhelming majority of people fail to ever reach the state of health and fitness that they want. We see it a lot. We often joke that we are Nottingham’s second choice for personal training as most of our clients come to us because they have failed to achieve results with other instructors. The dreaded F Word is such a negative start point but it can also be a very powerful one and it is something we talk about openly with our clients to find and address the reasons behind why they haven’t achieved what they want to. Often it doesn’t actually come down to the ....

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  • Fruit Made You Fat - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Nutrition Tips

    Fruit Made You Fat!

    Sorry for the scary headline and that nasty word “FAT”, I just needed to grab your attention.

    I am by no means a fruit hating person, however I do need you to know a few things before you chomp down on your 6 th portion of fruit of the day.
    First of all, I would highly recommend you download our FREE PDF "Stop The Diet Now" it will tell you all you need to know aboutmacronutrients.

    Fruit is packed full of vitamins that we need, but is also a simple carb so is sugar based (Depending on the type of fruit depends on how much sugar).

    And you should know that too much simple carbs ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - Nottingham Find Your Why! - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Nottingham Find Your Why! - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Find Your Why! Why is a powerful word and is the one word that can change your approach to anything in life. Take a child for example when they are learning, the word why is one of the most common used words they use. Why can't I have that? But why ? With a strong enough reason behind the answer, this usually changes a behavior and can change something from being right to wrong the child’s mind. This is the exact same response we have as adults (but we are more stubborn) But Lets put a weight loss perspective on this. The average women has been on a diet all of their adult life When you first gained weight after ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - 5 Common Mistakes Nottingham Ladies Make With Weight loss - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    5 Common Mistakes Nottingham Ladies Make With Weight loss - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    We have worked with hundreds of clients who have always struggled with weight loss and the same problems always come up when they first start with us. So here they are 1.Eat as much fruit as you like, its natural sugar
    Sugar is sugar you can get better forms of sugar however sugar is sugar. In most types of fruits, the sugar contents is made up of fructose which the body cannot process directly as energy and has to store as fat first. Your body will absorb all of the natural vitamins and minerals in the fruit but the sugar will not help your waistline. So my advice is do not eliminate fruit from your diet, but be aware of how much you are actually eating. ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - Snacking Yourself Thin - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Snacking Yourself Thin - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    What is the first thing that comes to your head if I was to say snacking? Fruit? Crisps? Chocolate? Let’s put this out there snacking can be anything that keeps the hunger monster away. But if your goal is weight loss or fat loss then what you snack on is important. Most of the time when we are hungry we usually grab anything and usually all you see in the shop or cupboards is the good stuff (chocolate, popcorn, cakes) See every time you are hungry your blood sugar is lower than normal and is in need of a kick-start to keep you going. What Happens When We Snack?
    Every time we eat your body has a response, if something is high in sugar such as chocolate this ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - What is protein and why do I need it? - Rb5 Nottingham

    What is protein and why do I need it? - Rb5 Nottingham

    What do you know about protein? Is it just for repairing muscles? Is it only for body builder? I will dig into those questions a little later, but first let’s understand what protein does. Protein comes in a variety of different food sources The main 2 types are Plant based
    – Soy, seeds, hemp, tofu, quorn etc Animal based
    – Eggs, red meat, poultry and fish There is also traces of protein found in other foods too, but in smaller quantities. The Purpose Of Protein
    The main purpose of protein is to repair the body after exercise, illness, cuts and bruises. The structure of protein Is made up of Branch Chain Amino Acids(BCAA) which is natures version of rocket fuel ....

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  • The Best Diet In The World - Nottingham Personal Trainer Tips

    The solution to your dieting
    If you’ve followed a fad diet, you are in the same company as many others. But have you managed to stay on these diets that deprive you for a long time? If you lost weight, did the pounds stay off when you went back to the lifestyle you used to have? Losing weight can be a hard task and keeping it off is even harder. The biggest question (and problem) we always seem to hear is “What is the best diet to lose weight?” People who are searching for ‘the best diet’ generally have tried many times before and are desperate for a quick fix. The best way for you to find the diet that suits you is to assess your current and past eating ....

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  • FINALLY REVEALED.....Nottingham's Perfect Personal Training Program For You!

    Im sorry, but "The Perfect Program" does notexist
    Manypeople when filled with motivation to hit a specific goal are always searching the internet or asking local personal training experts "What is the best program i can do ?" You need to Analyse yourself first. How are your workouts looking right now? Are they full of hours running, high intensity/strength sessions or do you spend hours at a range of different classes per week? I’m sure at some point in life you’ve asked yourself the question of “What is the perfect program for me to achieve my goals?”
    If you speak to a range of trainers, you’ve probably heard a whole bunch of information a lot of which contradicts each other. ....

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  • How To Manage Stress In Nottingham - Personal Training

    Most of us will get stressed time to time but it's how we manage this stress. A lot of the stresses we come across on a daily basis are from situations regarding work, not achieving goals, money, family, health (and many more) and a lot of the time the stress levels are manageable. If you think of stress levels on a scale of 1-10 (10 being totally out of control), anything with a score of 6 or below is generally manageable and you can go about your everyday lives as usual (with the thought somewhere in the back of your mind). When you get to an unmanageable level of stress you may start to see cracks in your lifestyle, sleep patterns and a loss of motivation.If the stress ....

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  • 5 reasons why your going to fail with your weight loss goals - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    This time of year my Facebook newsfeed and gyms all around the world are filled with highly motivated individuals, who are pounding the treadmills and preparing healthy meals. What if i was to tell you that the highly motivated people that are doing endless hours of exercise per week and eating like a rabbit will actually be fatter this year than last year? Here are my Top 5 reasons why people will fail at their weight loss goals this year. 1.Unrealistic Expectations
    If you hate running and you get out of breath brushing your teeth,but have woken up on new years day and one of your goals is to run a marathon in 4 weeks time , you would say that is a crazy target(well at least i ....

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  • 3 Essential Habits For FatLoss - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Why we ask you to follow the 3 key habits for weight loss results
    3 litres of water per day
    Digestion, absorption, circulation, saliva creation, transportation of nutrients and body temperature regulation are just some of the jobs of the bodily fluids. Since your brain is mostly water, drinking water helps you focus more and be more alert which in turn will increase your energy levels. It also helps flush out toxins through sweat and urination. Your kidneys cleanse and rid the body of toxins as long as you fluid intake is adequate. Without enough fluid the kidneys trap extra fluid for bodily functions which can leave toxins in your body (such as blood urea nitrogen – the main ....

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  • How Not To Fail With Your New Years Health Kick - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    How to prepare for the New Year health kick With 2016 just around the corner, many of you may be thinking about a new diet, taking out a gym membership, finding a personal trainer or just kick-starting your training again. Before you go any further, ask yourself what the underlying motivation for these thoughts are. Is it that you’ve gained a few extra pounds this year, you want to compete in an event or you want to feel healthier again? Ready To kickstart your health kick check this out Whatever the reasons are behind your thoughts, use those to keep you motivated and on track. Here are a few tips that we use with our clients to keep ....

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  • 5 Tips On How To Prep Like A Chef - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    5 Tips On How To Prep Like A Chef
    Does this sound familiar? Lunchtime comes and you grab a sandwich from the office cafeteria as that is the only healthy option available to you. You say to your self "I'll bring food with me tomorrow" Tomorrow comes and you were just too tired after, working late to prepare your food and the same thing happens as the previous day. This cycle continues and the plateau in your weight loss continues. Download our PDF guide on understanding your food You need some organisation and planning in your life.
    Here are our 5 top tips for preparation 1.Shopping list/Menu
    Like any good Chef they know what ingredients they need by having a menu ....

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  • Carbs or no carbs? -Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Carbs or no carbs?
    At rb5 we get clients, old and new, coming to us and asking questions about their diets and what foods they should be eating. One of the biggest misunderstandings in altering client’s diets for them is:- How many carbohydrates should I be eating and when?
    Well, many factors affect the amount of carbohydrates you should be consuming such as activity levels, body composition and overall goal (e.g. weight gain vs weight loss). With carbohydrates being the body’s fastest energy source, it’s important that the body’s glycogen stores are full. Over eating carbohydrates can result in the body storing fat. You see when the muscle and liver glycogen ....

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  • Fat Burning Machine - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Fat Burning Machine
    Picture this.. You’re going on holiday and having a great time, not having to thinking about how many sangrias you are drinking or how many trips to the ice cream bar you take. Once you arrive back from your holidays you jump on the scales and you accept that a 2 week all inclusive holiday will result in the scales changing by a couple of pounds, but within 2-3 days you’ll be back to your former self. This is a fat burning machine right here … The reality is You’re calorie counting every meal, you’re not relaxing because you don’t feel comfortable on the beach and to top it off, you gain half a stone when you get back. ....

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  • Do You Really Want Your Goal? - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Do you really want it?
    I want this blog to be actioned not just read, so I will be asking you a few questions that NEED to be answered before you move on to the next question. When we set out our goals for our health and fitness journey, we tend to get the motivation and idea of the goal from what other people have achieved or are working towards. Our actual ambition and end goal is somewhat decided by what your peers or social media tells you what you should do/look like. Hence why 70% of people never achieve them? So what is your goal? Lose weight? Get a 6 pack? Run a half marathon? So my questions to you is …… Do you really want it? Or have you been brain ....

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  • Support, Motivation and inspiration - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Support, Motivation and inspiration

    3 simple words that mean a lot to me, and in my opinion are the foundational words that cannot be missed if you want to succeed at anything in life. Remove one of the words and the foundations will crumble. Here is Rb5’s mission “We will support, motivate and inspire our community to achieve long lasting results”

    Now let me go into more detail about why our clients achieve awesome results Support –
    When life gets tough it can get a little hard going on your own and the negative thoughts creep in to your head. “I can’t do it” “I can’t be bothered” “Its to hard” ....

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  • Why Are You Training? - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Why Do you train? Think carefully about the first time you walked into a gym or the first time you made an attempt to incorporate fitness and wellbeing into your life. What drove you to make that phone call or walk through the door? Was it down to wanting to better yourself and your personal achievements? Or was it caused by trying to impress another individual, conform to a certain image or gain praise from others about how good you look or how much weight you can lift? Sure personal compliments are nice to hear and are a kind gesture from others but they can also be an invisible road block to achieving your goals and should be dismissed as fast as they was received. Judging your ....

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  • Body Shape and Your Macros - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Macro breakdown and body shape
    Our goals in the gym vary from person to person likewise, does our body shape. People come in different shapes and sizes and will have different goals. People are usually put in the brackets of: - Ectomorph (typically skinny – doesn’t gain weight easily) Mesomorph (naturally strong – gains muscle easily) Endomorph (soft and round body – gains fat easily) You may be looking at the list and thinking that you are somewhere in between 2 of the body shapes which is natural. You may be naturally skinny and strong, but you may struggle to gain weight/muscle. Now most people have heard of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, ....

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  • The Fitness Freak - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    We are over halfway through the year and this is the time to reflect on the year so far. What have you achieved? Weight loss? A new job? Got married? Changed your mindset? See mindset is key for everything in life and with us over the halfway point of the year your weight loss results maybe slowing down . But I want you to embrace this and welcome you to the next stage of your journey. See achievement does not have to be big things, let me give you an example Somebody who decides to start a brand new healthy lifestyle (like you at the start of your fitness journey) and trains 4 x per week and takes up a new eating regime will see massive health benefits. Feel/look younger Look ....

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  • Training For Weight loss! - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    The feeling of sweat pouring down your face and your gym clothes looking like you have just jumped out of the shower . The best feeling in the world (in my opinion) Yet, how come exercising like this 3+ x per week for the past year isn’t helping you lose those last few pounds? At the start it was great, the weight dropped off and your fitness soared. But now the results have plateaued See working hard is essential for results but you can work too hard… Continues cardiovascular training is great for endurance and stamina but not great for burning fat. It also is detrimental to your diet , due to the length and typeof training you are doing your body craves food ....

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  • Habits To Last A Lifetime - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Habits dictate your life Good habits = success Bad habits = failure I don’t want you to fail so try these life hacks and USE them 1 Thing At A Time
    Too many people when they are on a health kick start by cuttting out carbs,fat,alcohol and then try and take up a new exercise routine all at the same time , then…. POOF Back off the wagon within 2-4 weeks Nail one habit first and then move onto the next one , it is proven that you need to stick to something for 21days for it to become a routine. 2.Change Daily/Weekly Habits
    I assessed where I was going wrong in my diet a few weeks ago and one of the main problems was chocolate. Yes I’m a personal trainer ....

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  • Are You Overtraining ? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Now we all have a goal we wish to achieve, whether it’s weight loss or a fitness related goal. Here at rb5 Nottingham, our personal trainers are here to help you achieve these goals. You may think the best way to achieve these goals is to go all out and visit the gym for long workouts, 7 days a week. However it is vitally important to periodize your training to avoid overtraining. Overtraining can be defined as exceeding the body’s recovery capacity, indicated by excessive fatigue both physical and mental and resulting in impaired performance. Quickly fatigued muscles, involuntary contractions, the muscles feel shorter and weaker are just few to name, however, overtraining ....

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  • How To Set Your Goal - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    5 ways to laser focus in on your goal 1.Be Clear and specific Many people pick 2 or 3 goals at anyone time and very rarely hit them. Write down what your goals are, then grade them 1-10 on how important they are to you. Pick the highest priority and focus on this 100% NO Deviating. You will find that the other goals on your list maybe achieved in the process anyway, 2.Big Scary Goals (BSG) Think big! Why settle for dropping one dress size when deep down you really want to drop 3. If the goal doesn’t challenge you it wont change you. 3.Time/Date A time and date is important for your planning and gives you an end point and makes it a commitment. This can be 1 year away ....

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  • Assessment Methods For Your Training Plan - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    5 ways to assess your progress
    Before/After Pictures
    These pictures are for you not your Facebook profile. Ensure your wear the same clothing with the same lighting and show as much skin as possible, how else are you going to see the difference in your problem areas.
    Take 5 key measurements chest, waist, hip, leg and arm with a tape measure, this is much more accurate than the scales in terms of toning up and changing shape.
    This is usually done by take by using some form of body fat caliper this can be very invasive but can give us an understanding of what areas need to be worked on. Try and stay away from the scales version of body fat as ....

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  • Junk Miles And Running Part 2 - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Junk Miles = Rubbish Miles Part 2 For part 1 and a recap click here 3.Junk Miles – Pointless miles to just run further each week for longer races is another old school method that isn’t needed , see I understand that running the race distance has great psychological benefits for mental toughness and confidence but repeatedly pounding the pavement with a dodgy knee is like building a house with poor foundations, it takes time sometimes years to condition your body to be able to cope with this amount of repetitive movements.(Continuous training not dropping in out of it ) Try splitting up the mileage over the week , say the goal is to build up to a half marathon Week ....

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  • Junk Miles And Running - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Junk Miles = Rubbish Miles
    It’s that time of year again in Nottingham where people start thinking about venturing outside and taking up running, most people take this up through habit or are inspired by the London marathon. Memories of last years injuries and the pain at mile 10 are forgotten and all we can remember is how good we felt at the finish line , But building up the miles over the weeks, pounding the streets weeks after week and getting niggles in your hips, knees and backs doesn’t have to be the case , still most runners continue the same process time and time again Now I’m not an endurance or running hater I actually LOVE this type of exercise and ....

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  • Fat Loss Training - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Peripheral Heart Action Training For Fast Fat Loss Training PHA training or peripheral heart action training is a form of circuit training made popular in America designed to give you a more beneficial workout for fat lossas opposed to traditional circuit training. What’s the problem with circuit training? Many traditional circuits may include multiple movements of the same limbs or muscle groups Example circuit: Body weight Squats, Body Weight Lunges, Step ups, Jumps The problem with performing a circuit in this type of order is that unless you are an advanced trainer it is more than likely that you will not be able to perform all 4 of these exercises weighted, ....

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  • Breakfast On The Go - Rb5 Personal Trainer Nottingham Tools

    Breakfast on the go!
    Three high protein great tasting breakfast’s on the go, with a healthy ratio of carbohydrates and fats in under 10 minutes for mornings on the go! Depending on the amount of food (calories) you require daily, tailor the quantity of the ingredients to portion size you need. High proteinporridge - Goal = For high intensity days or recovery
    1 packet of instant porridge 1 scoop of flavoured Whey protein powder ¼ cup of ground Almonds 1 tsp of cinnamon Pour oats, whey protein and cinnamon into a bowl add hot water mix to the consistency you desire and top with almonds. Chocolate, peanut butter and almond protein ....

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  • The Personal Trainer Is In My Head - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Mindfulness “Awareness of ourselves and the world around us, can improve our mental wellbeing”
    Now I know you might think this is a little deep or why the hell is a personal trainer talking about mindfulness and mental health, but stay with me. When my trainers and myself work with a variety of clients whose goals range from weight loss, performance and stress relief the mental demands are the same, no matter what physical condition they are currently at. Achieving 4 training days a week, juggling family life and work life, financial pressures, eating clean etc. all of this added pressure and stress can hinder your progress in the long term. But do you ever take a ....

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  • A personal trainer can teach you about Fish oils

    Fish oils… good or bad?
    Fish oils are a great supplement to add to your daily diet. It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, which do so many good things for the body. Here at rb5 Nottingham, our personal trainers highly recommend fish oils as they help the body in many ways. The omega-3 fatty acids help the body in many ways, such as supporting cardiovascular function, nervous system function, brain development and all round immune health, as well as many other functions. The omega-3s that most people are aware of are
    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and
    Alpha-linoliec acid (ALA) EPA and DHA can be found within marine animals (fish), whereas ALA can be found ....

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  • Muscle Activation And Personal Training

    Every day tasks which usually involve prolonged periods of time sitting in a slouched position, such as driving and working at a computer cause muscles associated with maintaining your bodies posture to turn off and become inactive as they are not being called upon frequently enough,a personal trainer should include these type of exercises in your workout. These are commonly the gluteal muscles and postural stabilising muscles in the core and back although muscles can become dormant anywhere in the body if they are not being used. Ever heard of the phrase “use it or lose it”. The problem lies in these inactive muscles being far more resilient to switch back on compared to the ease in ....

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  • Find the best personal trainer in Nottingham

    Are you setting big goals for 2015? These might be to get in great shape for your wedding or a beach holiday, Or fix those niggling injuries once and for all. Either way, we want to help you reach your goals and that’s best achieved by seeking out the best personal trainer in Nottingham. So we thought it would be a good idea to give our expert tips on what you should look for in a personal trainer. 1.A great trainer should ensure you’re training and eating optimally, and that you’re consistently motivated to achieve that very important and achievable goal. Eating habits are difficult to break so small but effective steps towards establishing long lasting habits should be explained. ....

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  • 5 Tips from Nottingham Personal training expert


    1. Set your training goals! Aim High with a Big Goal. What do you want to of achieved by this time next year? Then break it down into smaller targets/timeframes for example where do you want to be in the summer? What do you want to do/be by the end of January? Write these down and put them somewhere you will the see them daily. We do this with all of our personal training clients, which keeps them laser focused.
    2. Be sure to tell somebody your goals and make them public
    Were here to do our very best in assisting you reach your Goals, it is a well known fact that support from others improves commitment and helping Nottingham residents to become happier and healthier is what we ....

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  • Nottingham Personal Trainer

    All i want for Christmas is a Nottingham Personal Trainer
    Now, I know it is early to talk about Christmas but for your waistline the build up to the festive season is bad time of year. It is coming up to that time of the year where you are planning Christmas parties and starting your Christmas shopping and as a result the mind-set towards toning up and losing weight tends to slip. Don’t let it!!!
    It might sound tempting to sack off the diet and gym but what if I told you, you could eat pretty much what ever you want over Christmas and not do too much damage to your scales if you keep focused? Interested?
    Not exercising or eating rubbish lowers our metabolisms and our ....

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  • Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham & NUH

    Rb5 personal trainingNottingham, are supporting Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s Saving Lives Helipad Appeal by holding a static Rowing Challenge at Queen’s Medical Centre in November 2014. Four rowing machines will be manned continuously for 60 hours between 8am on Friday 21 November and 8pm on Sunday 23 November, with each rower donating at least £10 to the Appeal to take part. About the 60 Hour Rowing Challenge
    The Rowing Challenge will take place near the Main Entrance on B Floor at QMC. With four machines kindly being provided by leading manufacturer Concept2, a total of 240 hours of indoor rowing will be available. One of the rowing machines will be used by the uniformed ....

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  • Nottingham Personal Trainer And The Physio

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn who is a local Nottingham physio who has the same passion and desire to help people succeed as rb5 Nottingham does. Many of our personal training clients who over the summer find that being outside is such a beautiful thing , decide to take up running.Now i love running and being in the outside, but this demanding exercise routine does prompt niggles , so Kathryn of Arcadia Physiotherapy is going to talk about injury prevention. Here's what she had to say about running injuries We runners are some of the worst for injuries. Despite the average take-up age for male half marathon runners being 39, or perhaps because of it, we are repeatedly ....

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  • Personal Training and Calories

    On Sunday at rb5 Personal Training, Nottingham we ran an educational seminar for Personal Training, bootcamp members and guests about nutrition and how calorie counting can be very negative and misleading. The main concept that head personal trainer, Ricky Berry, was trying to make people understand was that our bodies need quality calories and not junk calories. Our bodies respond better and absorb the vitamins and nutrients they need better from unprocessed foods. The biggest trend we see when people start our personal training and bootcamp programs at rb5 Nottingham, is a lifetime of dieting using a variety of different methods but they all have one thing in common… You lose ....

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  • Foam Rolling The Quads - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    The 'quadriceps femoris' (quads, quadriceps) is a large muscle group that includes the 4 muscles on the front of the thigh. It is the group of muscles that extend (straighten) the knee, forming a large fleshy area covering the front and sides of the femur (thigh bone). They are vital in walking, running, jumping and squatting. Because the rectus femoris attaches to the ilium it is also a flexor of the hip. The quadriceps play a vital role in stabilising the patella and the knee joint during gait, in particular the vastus medialis. The rectus femoris is the most superficial muscle of the quadriceps with the other 3 lying deeper.The vastus muscles cover the inside (vastus ....

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  • Trigger Pointing The Psoas - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    The Psoas
    The Psoasis another problem area that not many people knowabout, unless they have had problems in the past with tight hips and bad backs. The psoas muscle is made up of the 'psoas major' and 'psoas minor', and originates on the lumbar region of the spineand inserts on to the lesser trochanter. In other attaches the lower back (lumbar region) to the inside of the thigh (lesser trochanter). The psoas major assists with flexion and external rotation (bringing the knee up and turning it out) and is also considered a muscle of the hip flexors. A common problem associated with the tightening of this muscle is lower back pain. Check out the video link below to see where ....

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  • Foam Rolling The Glutes (Bum) - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    The second key area is one of the most important and is the strongest muscle group in the body "the glutes" (or bum muscles to you!). These are broken down into the gluteus maximus (the biggest muscle that sits on top of the rest), gluteus medius (located to the side) and gluteus minimus (located underneath and is a smaller muscle) Most people's glutes are an under active muscle group. If they are tight or weak it can lead to knee and back pain. By using foam rolling/trigger point therapy to target your glutes you can iron out any major knots of tight spots to increase your range of motion. This can also act as a 'slap in the face' to wake the sleeping muscles up and kick them ....

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  • Foam Rolling The Lower Leg - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Following last weeks brief introduction to Trigger Point Therapy and foam rolling, this week we will be covering each of the six main sites that impact on everyday people...just like YOU! The first area is the lower leg - in particular the Soleus (located below the main bulk of the calf). This is a problem area due to a variety of things but the most common cases are found in females who wear high heels regularly. Wearing high heels shortens the muscles in the lower leg for long periods of time and this inhibits the muscle's ability to lengthen to a full range of motion (ROM). This area is also problematic for runners who have poor or inefficient running patterns, like myself, and tend ....

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  • The Nightmare of Depression - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Today we have our first guest blogger and personal training clientof rb5 Nottingham Liz Cumberland . Liz has overcome great adversity with mental illness which had locked her away in her own home like a prisoner. Please read and be inspired by a remarkable transformation.
    Want to get your life back? Overcome anxiety and depression with exercise!
    When I first approached rb5 a year and half ago I was struggling with an overactive thyroid, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. This meant that on some days it was even hard to leave the house so coming to an environment like a gym seemed impossible. At times my levels of anxiety where so high that I felt sick, I struggled to ....

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  • Foam rolling and trigger point therapy, what is it ? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Lots of our members come to us with aches and pains and we show them the wonder of the foam roller...also known as trigger point therapy. We thought that we would share our in depth knowledge with you and explain how to do it, when to do it and why! Here is part one from Joe Pheasant, rb5's personal trainer and sports therapist. Trigger points, are described as hyper-irritable spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibres. In simple terms a trigger point is a muscle knot that can wreak havoc on your body by referring pain, weakening muscles and causing dysfunctional movement. The body then tries to self-correct, so that the movement can ....

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  • Do you know your oils? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Most people who train with us at rb5 Nottingham know the importance of selecting the right cooking oil, so below we have listed a variety of cooking oils best used at certain temperatures. Salad dressings, condiments and drinks. (Do not heat)
    Flaxseed Oil
    Hemp Seed Low Heat cooking 100 C
    Pumpkin Seed Medium Heat cooking 160C
    Extra Virgin olive oil High Heat cooking 190C
    Avocado Oil
    Coconut Oil These are just a selection of cooking oils that can be used, rb5 do not recommend sunflower oil due to its poor structure and extremely low cooking temperature. The danger with cooking with poor quality oil at a high temperature is the structure will break down rapidly and turn into a TRANS ....

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  • Green is the colour of health - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    So we all grew up being told “eat your veggies or your not leaving the table or having pudding.” Your Mum is right and do you still listen to that memory? Most people do not! With so many more appealing foods than broccoli its very difficult to get 5 servings a day in (although 7 is now recommended) So here are a few tips on how to increase you Veg intake.
    Breakfast- includes chopped up veg in your omelette or scrambled eggs, a few diced beans and tomatoes will make a yummy breakfast. And before you say you haven’t got time, preparation the night before is key to success.
    Snacking – take portable vegetables to work with you such as carrot sticks and some form of ....

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  • Member of The Month - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Member of The Month
    Every month the staff at rb5 Nottingham review and assess all of our members statistics and training, and we choose one member who we decide has done the following. 1.Adapted to change – This is essential to from and create new and long-lasting habits such as diet and exercise. 2.Numbers- Whether this is weighloss, muscle gain or an increase in strength. 3. Attendance – We require our members to train a minimum of 3 times per week and this must be achieved otherwise results will be very hard to come by. So this months rb5 Nottingham’s “Member of the month” is ……………. 49 yr old Nicky Harris
    Nicky came ....

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