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  • The Incredible Bulk - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    But I don’t want to get bulky… Just by looking at a dumbbell you’re not going suddenly gain muscle mass. The right kind of training, the right kind of diet, even the right kind of genetic make up are all factors in determining how much muscle you can gain and over what time period. Testosterone is a huge player in the Game of Gains. This little bad boy is the secret weapon to muscle growth, and who has more of it, men or women? Yep, we girls will not be able to gain as much muscle as the guys, it’s genetically impossible and only by increasing our testosterone levels can we even begin to compete at the gun show! The only variables you have control ....

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  • Tone It Up - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    To the tune of ‘I want to break free’ by Queen - “I want to be toned. I want to be toned. I want to tone this body I’m so sick of all the wobbly bits. Oh I want to be toned. Dear trainer, you know I want to be toned!” Hands up everyone who has ever said, “I want to tone up” Ok, now keep those hands up if you actually understand what that really means… So what really is being ‘toned’ and what does it take to achieve this? When people say they want to have that toned look, they often mean they want a lean body with muscle definition. For a lean body you need to lose fat, so you need to be in a calorie deficit. ....

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  • Set Backs and Steps Forward - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Set Backs and Steps Forward
    Everyone encounters set backs in their journey through life at some point, your fitness journey is no different. You may face injuries or illness, or simply life events that cannot be avoided. Set backs are not always negative either, maybe you’ve taken time out to raise a family, travel a little, relax and reset. As the great Chumbawamba once said, “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never going to keep me down.” The set back isn’t the issue, it doesn’t matter what barrier you’re facing, the only thing that matters is how you overcome it and move forward. What you need to keep in mind though ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - Have Your Cake And Eat It - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Have Your Cake And Eat It - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Have Your Cake and Eat It! Yep, all ‘12 suggested servings’ of it. The whole damn thing. I love cakes, biscuits, chocolates, all those little sugary treats! People are often surprised and shocked to hear I eat them, why? Because I’m pretty lean. What people fail to realise is that being lean doesn’t mean not eating chocolate bars or slices of cake; being lean means that you can have these things in moderation as long as you work them into your sustainable diet. I hate the word “diet”. When people ask what diet I’m on they always assume it’s some calorie restrictive, carb cutting, anti-sugar warfare. Wrong. Yes, I track my ....

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  • Personal Training in Nottingham - rb5 Personal Training - Why I Love Personal Training - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Why I Love Personal Training - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Why am I a Personal Trainer?
    How did I end up here? I spent my childhood behind a sewing machine. My mum was always sewing and creating things and I caught the bug. My whole family’s creative and growing up there was always something to make whether it be a robot or a cake, something new to learn or craft. Throughout school, college and university I created things, I sewed things and I built things. I made more accessories, home furnishings, costumes and clothes than I can remember but it was more often than not for somebody else. Helping others made me happy – this is a thought I needed to hold on to, I just didn’t know it yet. Straight out of university I landed ....

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  • The King OF All Exercises

    BACK SQUATS They're such a powerful exercise that it could be classed as the 'king' of exercise. That depends... There are many factors that contribute to a good (or bad) back squat. Mobility and stability throughout the chain, which many people lack in certain areas, are vital to a back squat. If the squat feels wrong, painful or uncomfortable - DON'T DO IT! Work on single leg squat and lunge variations to provide more than enough stimulus to get the legs working! Take a look at this image If your squat range is like the bottom picture , you need to stop squatting right now. You most probably are doing more harm than good. Our suggest ....

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  • Member Of The Month

    September Member Of The Month Liam Jones He started training with us mid August to increase muscle mass and gain weight. Since starting he has put on 1 stone, 4.5cm on his arms, 6cm around his chest and back and 2cm on his legs, whilst maintaining the same size waist! ....

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  • The Post Summer Reboot - Personal Training Tools

    Rebooting your fitness after a long , but awesome summer is always a depressing time . The kids go back to school The weekly BBQ with the 2,3,4 + Gins seem like a distant memory Alongside the sandy beaches. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now
    But…. Back to reality and operation fat loss is back on , But , getting back into a gym routine can be very difficult. Putting off that gym visit or the diet is just going to make the situation even worse come January, when the Christmas timber has piled on too. This video would be worth 10 minutes of your time on how to get back into the gym after a break. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now

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  • I’m exercising 5 x per week,but not seeing any results. - Personal Training Questions

    I’m exercising 5 x per week, but not seeing any results.
    Quality over quantity. I bet you knew I was going to say that . Let me go into a little more detail. The most common goal to why people have a gym membership is down to losing weight or losing body fat and to look better in and out of their clothes. The goto method to achieve this goal is to work yourself into the ground and sweat from places that you have never thought you could sweat from. This approach works fantastically in the beginning due to it being a new environment and a new training stimulus for your body. But..... Your body is a very clever thing and adapts VERY ....

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