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  • The King OF All Exercises

    BACK SQUATS They're such a powerful exercise that it could be classed as the 'king' of exercise. That depends... There are many factors that contribute to a good (or bad) back squat. Mobility and stability throughout the chain, which many people lack in certain areas, are vital to a back squat. If the squat feels wrong, painful or uncomfortable - DON'T DO IT! Work on single leg squat and lunge variations to provide more than enough stimulus to get the legs working! Take a look at this image If your squat range is like the bottom picture , you need to stop squatting right now. You most probably are doing more harm than good. Our suggest ....

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  • Member Of The Month

    September Member Of The Month Liam Jones He started training with us mid August to increase muscle mass and gain weight. Since starting he has put on 1 stone, 4.5cm on his arms, 6cm around his chest and back and 2cm on his legs, whilst maintaining the same size waist! ....

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  • The Post Summer Reboot - Personal Training Tools

    Rebooting your fitness after a long , but awesome summer is always a depressing time . The kids go back to school The weekly BBQ with the 2,3,4 + Gins seem like a distant memory Alongside the sandy beaches. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now
    But…. Back to reality and operation fat loss is back on , But , getting back into a gym routine can be very difficult. Putting off that gym visit or the diet is just going to make the situation even worse come January, when the Christmas timber has piled on too. This video would be worth 10 minutes of your time on how to get back into the gym after a break. Want To Reboot Your Fitness ? Start Now

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  • I’m exercising 5 x per week,but not seeing any results. - Personal Training Questions

    I’m exercising 5 x per week, but not seeing any results.
    Quality over quantity. I bet you knew I was going to say that . Let me go into a little more detail. The most common goal to why people have a gym membership is down to losing weight or losing body fat and to look better in and out of their clothes. The goto method to achieve this goal is to work yourself into the ground and sweat from places that you have never thought you could sweat from. This approach works fantastically in the beginning due to it being a new environment and a new training stimulus for your body. But..... Your body is a very clever thing and adapts VERY ....

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  • What Should I Eat After A Workout? - Personal Training Questions

    What Should I Eat After A Workout?
    Like all of my advice, GOOD QUALITY Nutrition not a chocolate bar or pizza. I call the hour after a workout “The Golden Hour” this is the optimum time that your body is craving protein and carbohydrates to refuel your muscles so that they can repair and recover stronger for the next workout. The easiest way would be a protein shake, but as we know easy is not always the best option. Where possible aim for a meal with X1-2 portions of protein X1 portion of carbs Half a plate of vegetables A portion is around the size of the palm of your hand. Now that sounds REALLLLLYYYY ....

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  • What should I eat before I work out? - Personal Training Questions

    what should I eat before work out?
    I want to approach this question from two angles early morning training (before 7 AM) and the after work trainer. If you don’t fit into these two categories, go for the after work training advice. Training before 7 AM
    My suggestion is down to personal preference, now if you want to train early morning what you have to understand is ,if you are wanting to have a really big breakfast you need to give your body chance to digest before exercise. The problem with this is, you have to be up extremely early to prepare breakfast which in my opinion I’d rather stay in bed. So my recommended tactic ....

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  • How To Avoid The Biscuit Tin?

    How to avoid the biscuits?
    One of the common questions we always get asked “I always crave sweet things biscuits crisps and chocolate , how can I stop it?” DOWNLOAD OUR 10 STEP GUIDE OF HOW TO AVOID THE CRAVINGS AND NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN
    Our response is always very simple and basic. Lack of Quality Nutrition
    It could be down to a lack of nutrition and your body is craving extra calories. The simplest way to avoid this would be to eat a sustainable diet with whole foods and three good quality meals a day. A good quality meal should contain good protein source, carbohydrate source and some form of fat. (Check out some recipes on ....

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  • What Should I Eat To Lose Weight? - Rb5 Personal Training Tools

    What Should I Eat To Lose Weight?
    Everything! Well within moderation, There are is no such thing as a “Super Food” that will directly result in you losing weight. There are a accumulation of factors to take into consideration. But, the main takeaway is ALL foods have a place in your diet, stay away from any diet that eliminates and food group. Each food group has a purpose – Download our Ebook on what food doe's and why you should not cut out fats and carbs from your diet. It ‘s more about calories. Now, I don’t want you to count everything that you eat and start calorie counting, but calories do matter, let me go to the extremes to make ....

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  • The Best Post Christmas Workout Plan - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham Tools

    Starting a new fitness plan in January ? The New Year new you Facebook posts are fast approaching, alongside over crowded gyms and the whole office starting a diet. But are you going to be like 80% of all New Year resolution-ers (is that a word?) and fail come February? Now I love the enthusiasm everybody has for improving their health and fitness in January , but I hate seeing the after effect of going from zero to hero. What I mean by this is, how can the average Joe go from the occasional workout and high calorie diet too, training more than an athlete trying to win Gold at the Olympic Games and restricting their calories like they were still on rations. ....

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