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  • Turmeric for Weight Loss

    Turmeric for Weight Loss

    You must have seen the mustard-yellow powder, right? That is turmeric and is something that has got into the mainstream food and medicine industry. This plant has been widely used especially in Asian cuisine. It is used as an ingredient to add flavour and colour for curry powder. It is also used to add colour to mustards, butter and cheeses. However, its roots, which has the same semblance as that to ginger, has been used for its medicinal properties. Turmeric is becoming popular nowadays and it comes in different processed forms: Fresh roots, ground and supplement in the form of tablets or capsules. Consuming it could also vary: It could be brewed, mixed in ....

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  • The Many Benefits of Burpees

    The Many Benefits of Burpees

    One aerobic exercise you need to keep in your arsenal is the burpee. It’s an essential full-body exercise that’s perfect for adding a cheeky spike to your workout.The burpee has many variations but its basic movement is executed in four steps: stand, squat,hands are on the ground, move into a plank position, while kicking feet back and extending arms, then squat. The movements of the standard burpee seem simple but they do demand physicality. And if you're determined enough, performing burpees will do wonders to yourbody and entire wellbeing. We often use elements and sometimes the full burpee as mobility and warm-up exercise. Slowing the speed down and ....

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  • The Right Time to Eat Carbs

    The Right Time to Eat Carbs

    When it comes to food intake, there are a few things you might want to observe to stay fit. Most people are aware of eating protein and avoid fatty foods while on a weight loss journey. But what about carbs? When is the best time of the day to eat carbs?  That's where it gets tricky, considering the many schools of thought regarding carb intake. There are those who maintain that perfect time to consume most of your carbohydrates is before a workout.  Some recommend eating carbohydrates mainly in the morning, while others insist most of your carbs should be eaten at night.  Truth is, research that specifies a recommended timing of carbohydrates is still a ....

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  • What is  Mobility? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    What is Mobility? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Exercise buffs often say “ No pain, no gain ” as a way to motivate themselves. The term often connotes that the rewards of regular exercise outweigh the painful process one must cross in order to reach it. Even though pain is part of the rigorous exercise process, prolonged pain in the joints and muscles is another matter. Pain could also mean a lack of mobility. Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily. If a person experiences pain after a tedious workout, it could mean that their joints have not reached its full range of motion and could lead to an increased risk of injury. A failure to address mobility issues during exercise could lead to long-term ....

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  • What is a Fad Diet? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    What is a Fad Diet? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Ever wonder why there are so many fad diets? Because they are exactly what the name suggests—a fad. It’s similar to fashion. In 2017, that red dress became a staple in almost every ladies wardrobe. Now, nobody wants to be caught dead in those shoes for fear of being labelled outdated. Fad is fleeting. In fashion, this is because there is always something new in the next corner. In diets, it is fleeting because it is not sustainable. There would be no such thing as a fad diet if it is sustainable—it would just be called a diet, or a “bloody” effective diet. Another fad in the weight-loss circuit is the slimming clubs . Compared to a fad diet, a ....

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  • What are slimming clubs or weight loss clubs good for? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    What are slimming clubs or weight loss clubs good for? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Based on experience, slimming clubs really help give you the accountability of your eating habits every single week: Are you eating right? Are you eating the right portions of food? Are you not derailed from the diet plan? It is never a bad thing to be part of a family whose members support each other and check each other out if they are still on the right track as far as following their diet plans are concerned. Some even go beyond online support and meet on a regular basis to check on each other. Most importantly, these groups give you a bit of a structure to eat healthier and that is great and I love that. Everyone needs to start somewhere and if joining one of this clubs is ....

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  • How to Build a Diet? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    How to Build a Diet? - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    One of the hardest things that you have to endure when on a journey towards fitness is to create, live and follow a healthy diet that you can sustain for a long time if not for a lifetime. Sometimes, working out is such a breeze. Some have this notion that they are okay health-wise since they work out but they still continue their bad eating habits and then complain why they aren’t losing weight. We all know that working out is just part of the equation. Eighty percent of weight loss happens in the kitchen; 20 percent happens in the gym. There are so many diet plans available in the market today like the 5:2, Keto, Atkins, Vegan and Weight Watchers among others. But unless you ....

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  • What are the results - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    What are the results - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Different folk, different results
    In your road to fitness, you will encounter several bumps but probably one of the biggest obstacles will be yourself. This is especially true if you are one who is in the habit of comparing yourself to your gym buddy or to the girl running the treadmill at a faster pace than you. You will then wonder why she is losing weight faster than you or why this other guy can now do more pull-ups than you or why the new guy had developed a six-pack when you've been working on your own abs for a long time, You may ask yourself why things aren't working out the way you want it when you want it or you and why it worked for the bloke next ....

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  • Scales lie - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Scales lie - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Do not be surprised when your personal trainer will tell you “Stop looking at the scales.” When you are working out and when you are going for a certain goal, sometimes it's second nature to just take a peak at the scales to see if you are on the right track. We get it, you need to be kept up to date with how your fitness journey is going. However, in more cases than none, it will only cause frustration and maybe even depression if your goals are not met. Let me be clear, the scales are not the devil. You also need to know your weight so you can objectively weigh out your progress and assess from there where you should go ....

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  • Running for weight loss - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    Running for weight loss - Rb5 Personal Training Nottingham

    We all know that regular exercise is an important aspect of a healthy life. So many people have been struggling with weight and have resorted to all sorts of quick fixes just to shed off the extra weight. One of the best exercises that helps in losing weight is running. It seems like a very simplistic approach but running really is one of the most underrated ways to lose weight. This is especially true if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Once you lace up and hit the road, the results are almost immediate. Let's talk about science. You lose weight when you create a calorie deficit. This means burning more calories than ....

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